Jane Means Appleton Pierce 
Jane Means Appleton Pierce
U.S. First Lady (1853-1857): Her Family, Life, and Times by Ann Covell 

When introverted Jane Appleton and charismatic Franklin Pierce first met, they fell in love immediately, despite being complete opposites. Jane’s pious family vetoed any relationship between them, and it was eight years before they finally married. Their life together was a loving though often difficult one, as frail Jane adapted to the uncertainties of political life that climaxed in ostensible deceit and tragedy just prior to Franklin’s presidency.

This book offers insight into the dynasty to which Jane belonged and profiles earlier generations, providing a wider perception of her family’s history. Through family letters and anecdotes, it details Jane’s complex life and defines the social and health features of the era. Aspects of Jane’s childhood that may have accounted for her melancholic nature and inhibitions are revealed. This book also explores the truths behind the many myths surrounding this tragic first lady.

Polly Johnson
POLLY JOHNSON, a former Chairman of the Pierce Brigade, based in Concord, New Hampshire, dressed for a special event in an outfit similar to one worn by Jane Pierce. President Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the USA, and his wife, lived in Concord for many years. The Brigade’s mission is to restore and maintain their former home, and to honor and preserve the legacy of the President. (www.manse.org)


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