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“Jane Means Appleton Pierce”
Ann's book on the Life and Times of Jane Pierce, wife of the 14th U.S. President (Franklin Pierce), was published in April 2013
Jane Means Appleton Pierce - Her Family, Life and Times” was published by HAMILTON BOOKS (A MEMBER OF THE Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.) ISBN is 978–0–7618–6076–1 (eISBN: 978-0-7618-6077-8)
August 2019

Ann has been invited as an author to the Miami International Book Fair, to be held in November 2019, where her novel “The Other Angel” will be featured. During the event she will be conducting Book Signings, as well as appearing on appropriate radio and T.V. shows.

She has been invited to attend similar events within the U.S. (.e.g. Kentucky – where her novel is based) and hopes to be featured at the London International Book Fair in the Spring of 2020.

February 2019
Launch events and Book-signings with regard to "The Other Angel" are at the planning stage with the publishers Marketing Team. Details about these events will be published as soon as they are arranged.

November 2014
Ann is currently researching for a third book, which will highlight the influence of nurses, female spies and other “ordinary” U.S. citizens (both North and South) during the American Civil War.

8 April 2014
The lecture to the Anna Keyes Powers Chapter of Hollis in New Hampshire, was successful with a wonderful audience. I hope I can meet them all again some day.

Earlier, I had attended the William Clements Library (University of Michigan) in Ann Arbor, where I carried out research for a future project. It happened to be Founders Day during the week I was there, and I was invited to a special Dinner to honour Andrew O’Shaugnessy, the Founders Day lecturer. Andrew is the author of the book “The Men Who Lost America” - a thrilling new insight into British/American Revolutionary War – interesting for both British and American citizens. That was a highlight.

Another not so good “highlight” was when my husband collapsed suddenly just three hours prior to our flight back to the UK. He required urgent cardiac surgery, and spent ten days in the Tufts Medical Centre in Boston. Our thanks to doctors and staff at Tufts for the marvellous care and treatment received there. My husband is now well on the way to recovery.

26 November 2013
Attendance at the Annual Wreath Laying Ceremony at the  Old North Cemetery, Concord.    The NH National Guard, the Governor’s Horse Guard, the Pierce Brigade and children from the Christa McAuliffe School,  will participate in laying the wreath presented by the sitting president at the gravesite of President Franklin Pierce, to commemorate his birth on November 23, 1804.     This will be followed by a reception at the nearby Pierce Manse, where President Pierce had lived with his wife, Jane, and sons, prior to becoming the 14th  U.S. President.

22/27 November 2013
A further visit to Concord, New Hampshire, meeting various local  personalities involved in the history of President Pierce and his wife.

News update November 2013

Since publication of "Jane Means Appleton Pierce – U.S. First Lady 1853-57", life has been interesting as far as my "Jane Pierce" book is concerned.

The C-Span television  interview that I undertook on 15 April 2013 in Washington, D.C.  has resulted in a number of calls via this website, and I have been delighted to receive the various positive  comments. This first  C-Span series on First Ladies covered the 19th century Ladies, and ran on a weekly basis from January to May 2013.   Their second series has just begun, covering the 20th century  Ladies.   This is a  much admired series of historical facts, beautifully produced.   I feel proud to have participated in such a venture.    The C-Span Show on Jane Pierce is over an hour and a half long, and my 45 minute interview appears about a quarter-way through.  Check the Link within this website.

One of the most fascinating outcomes of the publication of the "Jane Pierce" book were my Summer visits to Amherst, NH,  (where Jane lived as an adolescent and young woman), to Concord NH,  where she lived part of her married life, and Nashua,NH.   In  these lovely towns  I made friends with some wonderful New Hampshire folks – New Hampshire is so much like my own home county of Devon in  the U.K. that I felt immediately at home  in the surroundings and with the friendly people.

Another call  I received was of  particular interest.  It was from "The Voice of America"  Radio, with a request for a telephone-link radio interview about my Jane Pierce book,  intended for their Korean listeners. The first words of each section of the interview opened with my own voice, which gently "slipped" into a "voice-over" speaking in the Korean language, which was very effective. Although I could not understand the language, I was  thrilled to hear the names of Jane and her family being spoken within the speech. It was inspiring to realise that people in Korea were interested in the history of this tragic 19th century First Lady.    It was hinted that the book itself may be translated into Korean for readers in that country,  and I await further news on that.

click here to watch Ann's television appearance on April 15th 2013, Washington, DC »

Visit to USA April to June 2013
I wrote “Remembering The Ladies” with a view to highlighting the lives of 19th century First Ladies –many had been over-looked in history. I also hoped to stimulate further study of these women in others. In this I was successful at least once – the one I stimulated was me, and I decided to write an in-depth study of one of history´s most “reluctant” First Ladies who features in my current book. 
A number of visitors to the website are now aware that I have completed my research on Jane Pierce, the tragic wife of the 14th U.S. President, Franklin Pierce. I spent two full weeks in the Library of Congress and a further one at the Michigan University studying collections of the Pierce family letters. I gained information about middle class life in the 19th Century New Hampshire and Washington regions, and was able to piece together significant part of Jane’s story. How I wished I could have interviewed Jane personally – she was without doubt a most impressive woman in many ways. 
Further research was carried out with various Historical Societies and I must say that I was always greeted with great courtesy and helpfulness wherever I went, and I have made a number of what I hope will be life-long friends. My book “Jane Pierce – Her Family, Life and Times” will be published around March/April this year by the University Press of America. Further details will be available in the near future. 
Ann will appear in connection with her new book “Jane Means Appleton Pierce, First Lady 1853-57 – Her Family, Life and Times”, as follows:- 
April 15th 2013 , 9.p.m. as a guest on a C-span T.V. production of the lives of two 19th century First Ladies - Jane Pierce and Harriet Lane. This show is part of C-span’s series on U.S. First Ladies – see www.firstladies.c-span.org , where you can catch the show, if you miss the live broadcast. 
3 June, 2013. 7.p.m. – AMHERST, NEW HAMPSHIRE 
Talk and book-signing at the former home of Jane Pierce’s maternal grandfather, Colonel Robert Means, where Jane lived for part of her life. By courtesy of the current owners, William and Tracy Veillette and the Amherst Historical Society. Further details: contact bveillette@aol.com 
5 June, 2013, 1.p.m. - CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 
Talk and book-signing at the former home of President Franklin Pierce and his wife, Jane which is now a Museum. Courtesy of the Pierce Brigade. Further details: contact Joan Woodhead (Chairman) at piercebrigade@gmail.com 
6 June 2013, 7.p.m. - CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 
Talk and book-signing at the New Hampshire Historical Society H.Q. Further details: contact the Executive Director, William H.Dunlap on bdunlap@nhhistory.org 
Three “Launch” events have taken place, two within Europe and one in California. 
1. 21 May 2010 – Tamisa Golf Hotel, Costa del Sol, Spain (introduced by the America Club of Marbella) 
2. 12 June 2010 – Palace Hotel, Torquay, Devon, England 
3. 23rd October 2010 - Barnes and Noble, Grosmont Centre, La Mesa.  
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