The Other Angel
The Other Angel - author Ann Covell
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ISBN 978-1-6418291-4-4

"The Other Angel" is a dramatic, startling tale of how four young people from diverse backgrounds, each with their own aspirations and values, become unlikely though firms friends. It is an absorbing story that will attract readers as they get to know the characters, whose disparate lives intertwine before the Civil War splits them up.  The Gettysburg battle aftermath brings them back together.

It is an exciting story filled with breath-taking scenarios of plots, war and espionage, as well as family life, romance, and pathos. The story will resonate with readers as it unfolds to an emotion-charged conclusion that will invoke empathy.

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The Other Angel book reviews

I love this book. It starts by describing the characters and their surroundings and it is an exciting story about the Civil War in America and her description of the area it is set in takes you there! Can't wait to get home to read some more.

By Suzanne Hall

Good Book. This is the 1st book I've read written by Ann Covell; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I will definitely be reading more of her books.

The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book. I loved the characters.

By Jeanne Richardson
Mar 29, 2019

This is a sprawling story, covering from a time before the American Civil War until after its conclusion. We start in Kentucky, learning about Rory and his desire to become a doctor. His father is greatly opposed to this and demands that his son take over the family’s hemp farm operation. Rory's world is upended when his entire family is killed in a freak accident. Other key characters come into the novel, and the stories of these four main characters interweave and coalesce. It all breaks apart again for everyone once the Civil War starts. The book is neatly divided into halves; the first half of the story takes us up to the point of the Civil War, and the second half is about the Civil War with a brief amount of information about their lives after this.

I find it interesting that an English woman has written this book. The four main characters in this book, as well as those added along the way, were fascinating to watch as they first lived their pre-war lives and then became a part of the struggle of that era. I enjoyed this view of the American Civil War written by someone who sees it as a time of historical interest, unlike American authors who tend to see it more emotionally, as the effects of the Civil War still ripple through American society today.

By Jamie BJ
Mar 24, 2019
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